The process all my beautiful ideas

My designs all came to me when i was  listening to music or i was eating some thing .  That sounds corny but thats how i get inspiration for some of my designs . I think of the stuff that i would like to see and on a t shirt or a sweater and i love things that are colorful . I think of  some thing that will make people laugh or think i of people reactions to my concept of my quote or my picture .

The technical part of the design process i use an mac book ,adobe illustrator, and google. I used these things to make my shirts i got my images from google of course, adobe illustrator to add the different effects to the pictures . Adobe illustrator  have different tools i can use to make my pictures unique and one of kind. The  mac book made  things ver easy because it kept things in order and m made it very simple to get my images . These are things i’ve use and that are simple to me and also the people that are around me and helped me lot  and took their time with me.

My inspirations were big cats and women that sent a message wether it was verbally or by the way they carry themselves.  I think my following designs  the Nefertiti , Beyonce skateboard ,and the lion leaders (pictures are below) are very bold to me and others that have seen them. the Nefertiti  design has a quote on her crown which says (“the greatest empires and kingdoms  were led by one and followed by million”) which basically saying the greatest individual  will always be followed  by a lot of people. With  the Beyonce skate board design she said surfboard in one of her songs and i used it and make it said skate board adds a little humor to one of the biggest quotes said by one of the greatest R&B in the industry and the lion leaders design shirt it has a black and white background  with colorful  dots and leaders in a big colorful font. The opinions of  my fellow  teammates really help as well.

In conclusion the process was very fun and simple and the people around me helped me come up with my designs .


July 28, 2015

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