Sir & Madame: An Urban Sophisticate

Sir & Madame: A Lifestyle of an Urban Sophisticate

Let’s start from the beginning literally and look at the meaning behind the name of this cool and upcoming boutique; the word “Sir” meaning a man that is respectful and polite, someone in a position of authority. “Madame” used to refer to a respected older woman, which fits the brand style perfectly, it is mature as well as respected.
Sir & Madame was founded by husband and wife team, Brian and Autumn Meritt, who was inspired by all things vintage and like to describe their brand as “classic with a twist”. they sell pieces that one would see in a tailored store for men or a classic boutique for women, as well as edgy pieces that one could find on street blogs and in urban street wear stores. They opened the shop in 2010 to bring urban labels such as Brooklyn Circus and Striver’s Row to Chicago, and before long, they created a his-and-hers collection.The Merritts have steered away from your typical street wear servings, like graphic t-shirts and snap-back hats, and created pieces that are practical for everyday wear and possible to switch up and become more dressy when one needs to.angela1 ANDRE_gallery-image_2170 andre1 andre 2 angela3 angela2.

The type of lifestyle of an urban sophisticate would be a middle 20’s to middle 30’s aged person that usually live in the city where they are labeled with a combination of things such as eclectic, hip, classy and trendsetting. however, most of all they are humble and not extremely flashy.Their knowledge of the social scene, fashion,music and etiquette makes them very popular within a number of inner circles. they have a optimistic and positive outlook on life and their generation and may gain unintentional envy from peers. Most are generally attracted to their presence and tend to gain respect and success easily, this would be Sir & Madame target trajectory.
So what is an Urban Sophisticate? The best way to describe exactly who this would typically describe would to give a visual that would fit this style and lifestyle. The best person to fit this brand would have to be Andre 3000, he is the epitome of what an Urban Sophisticate is and the lifestyle. He the mix of two different fashion cultures such as the sophisticated and the urban dresser. The urban gentlemen that embodies class but is not too uptight to let go and have a good time, he can blend with any crowd but still stand out. The combinations of his fabrics, colors and patterns set him apart, his ability to translate vintage, preppy chic into an urban and sophisticated look with hip hop as the last touch.
Sir & Madame has closed the gap to men and women who don’t quite fit into just one category anymore and give them the chance to express themselves a bit more specifically than before. Making classy a little more relaxed and creative than just the essential basics. Sir &madame makes growing older a lot more cooler and edgy, because who wants to be twenty one all their lives?

March 15, 2016

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