Sir and Madame Chicago


Out of all the clothing brands in Chicago, Sir and Madame is among the top. Founded in 2007, Sir and Madame is a clothing boutique and lifestyle brand that was started and designed by married couple, Brian and Autumn Merritt, and is built around “classic with a twist”. The couple started with the brand Solemates, later they came up with Sir and Madame.


The boutique welcomes both men and women to their Hyde Park store, where they have recently moved to from Ukrainian Village. Other brands that they carry in their boutique include: The Brooklyn Circus, Cheap Monday, Tanner Goods, Finn, 3 Sixteen, Left on Houston, and more. Most of these brands were brought to Chicago from designers in other cities by Sir and Madame. 


The brand is known as the urban sophisticate, or an “everywhere wear” brand. Some people also consider the brand as streetwear. Their pieces are inspired by things that are vintage, which is what their logo symbolizes; a top hat and a parasol.


The Merritts decided to bring their shop to Hyde Park because they grew up in the area. Growing up, they walked 53rd. It was the place to be for the “cool kids”. Now they are bring that back. 

March 12, 2016

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