The Evolution of Sir and Madame

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Sir and Madame is a local brand founded in 2007 by owners Brian and Autumn Merritt. It is an extension of the duo’s first brand, Solemates – a sneaker consignment shop which was located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Solemates mainly focused on different types of sneakers, and was a place where different types of brands and the love of classic street brands themselves was shared. After careful deliberation from both parties, though – and through the growth and evolution of the couple – the brand Sir and Madame was born. It is worthy to note that the bond between Brian and Autumn had been established long before Sir and Madame’s invention; spanning all the way back to their elementary school days. Yet, it wasn’t until college that they formed a fusion – getting married, creating Solemates, and then creating their own clothing line, Sir and Madame; entering the partnership not only as co-owners, but as husband and wife.

To describe Sir and Madame, Brian and Autumn use the phrases “contemporary street clothing” and “classic with a twist” as portraiture for their brand. The vision of the brand as a whole is to style the “urban sophisticate”, and they do this in a way that brings attention to the talent of the Midwest, and represent it in a way that is cultured, sophisticated and timeless. This lifestyle brand takes classic streetwear and weaves in modern elements to create superior, yet wearable products. In addition to the house-made clothing label, the shop also carries complementary brands such as Brooklyn Circus, Striver’s Row, Levi’s, and others. Collectively, Sir and Madame exudes the more composed side of men’s and women’s street fashion and defines style for the “urban sophisticate” by delivering pieces that are refined, well-crafted, and original.

With it’s recent relocation from Wicker Park in 2015, it makes sense that the boutique is now located in Hyde Park – a neighborhood on Chicago’s south side catering to some of the city’s most elite. Besides being the old stomping ground of our very own President, Barack Obama, Hyde Park traditionally has a reputation of spawning the more upscale, by nature. The boutique now neighbors the University of Chicago’s Hyde Park Campus, giving the brand’s classic elements the ability to appeal to the neighborhood’s more studious consumers. With roots in this neighborhood, Brian and Autumn are showing the greatness of what modern Chicago street fashion can be when cultivated by the individual. Being that the neighborhood is a culturally and economically diverse one as well, Sir and Madame is able to attract clientele from all walks of life.

Having been in the game since 2007 until now, you can say that this brand truly has staying power – but that can be accredited to their simple and timeless method of designing and merchandising the clothing they sell. Pieces of the brand have been showcased at several tradeshows across the country – including major cities such as New York City and Las Vegas – as well as intercontinentally reaching as far as Tokyo, Japan. The brand has been named “One of the 5 Must-Stop Shops” in the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, as well as featured in articles by Chicago Magazine (April 2013), Cusp Magazine (February 2016), and on (June 2010).

Sir and Madame is a brand being continually crafted to the utmost, with premium quality clothing, superior shoes, and accessories. Below are a few representations of the brand’s image.


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