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My Design Process is very hands-on, detailed work. It involves the destruction and reconstruction of denim and various other fabrics. My specialty is selvedge denim where I can display many fading as an addition to expression of my mind through intricate patchwork. Most of my work is intense, tedious hand-sewing complimented with expressionism, abstract paint splatters. I gain a lot of my inspiration from Contemporary and Ancient Japanese Culture. The way they go about style, detailed work of clothing, down to the cleanliness of the streets is very inspiring in the respect that they thrive to be the best at whatever is they do. Also, I gain a lot of inspiration from my Hometown, Chicago,IL, the culture in general is unique from the muse, to the media, to the painters, to the street art, and the combination of all aspects into the fashion and street style scene is very captivating at moments. Those are my two biggest inspirations at the moment. In my opinion, my audience ranges from the ages from 15-40 because of the manner in which my pieces can be styled and worn. I see my work being worn with a suit-jacket and a fedora style hat to a t-shirt or hoodie.


July 28, 2015

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